Docklands gets dark


Docklands gets dark

The other night I was teaching a workshop at Docklands and we did the sunset then took some photos around the harbour down there.

It wasn’t a brilliant sunset. Everything was set for it to be fantastic, but there were no clouds. You really can’t get those magnificent ones without lots of clouds. The sun needs to reflect up and over them. Still the colour was beautiful and everything was covered in a golden glow.

Once it was gone we headed to 888 Collins Street. I thought it might be good to photograph the blue lights, however when we got there we were surprised to learn that the lights were multi coloured. Some other people who were there said that apparently they change with the temperature. We have been having a very warm spring, I think more heat records have been broken, so on Sunday night it was very warm as we were out. So if the people were right the lights on the building were reacting to that heat.

Once we had finished with the building we headed to Victoria Harbour to take some images across the water there with the pier stumps. They are very photographic and sometimes when the lights come on the Bolte Bridge at night, it looks fantastic. I tried something a bit different and I quite like what I got.

Overall it was a great evening and I really enjoyed all of it. I do love teaching the workshops and I hope my students enjoy them as well. We are getting to the busy time of the year, so I won’t be doing too many more now. I will have to put together a voucher so people can give a gift voucher from me to those they love.

I have three images for you to look at. They are from the places I talked about here.

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  1. I see a bit of Jacksonville, FL here. Thanks for the memories. Thanks also for spelling out the thing about clouds. Sometimes I’m at a loss for words when describing this. You did it quite succinctly.

  2. I know what you mean about the clouds making the sunsets more glorious and interesting! I enjoy the pilings and bridge. Your seaside images are like here, we have loads of pilings and marinas. I really should go out at night more!! I’d do a class if you were here. LOL!!

  3. The shot from the Webb Bridge would have been quite a bit less dramatic without the sun’s reflection in the windows. Beautiful!

  4. Wow, Leanne, your work is stunning. I love the contrast of light and dark, and the richness. I haven’t tried working with long exposures with my camera, yet. I will soon, when I finally upgrade and trade in the old D40 for the Mark camera I want. When I do, I know where to go to learn how to do it the right way!
    XOXO, GL

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