Dynamic Range Magazine – Issue 5

Well it has finally come together and pretty much on time. I always say to Suzzanna, my layout person, that it won’t hurt if it is late with each one, but we always manage to pull it together and get it ready.  I have to admit I did lose faith during this one, but I am so excited that it is done and will be available on Sunday, well, that is unless you have subscribed, you will get it on Saturday then.

Let’s take a look at the cover.

Issue 5 - Cover (1)

The cover shot is by Emily Carter Mitchell who has also written an article on The Great Migration of the Serengeti.

We have another great photographer to Introduce to you, Lori Nix and I have written you a tutorial on how to replace a sky in an image. You will also get the photo to practice with and some sky images.

Instead of me telling you what is in it, let me show you the contents page.

DRM, Issue 5 Contents Page

It is a big Issue and almost 100 pages.

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the magazine, and it is the best way to help support us and to make sure you get each issue. You get it sent to you and can read it before it becomes available to the wider community.

It will be ready for you to purchase this Sunday and will cost $7.  I do hope you will continue to support the magazine.

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  1. Love the cover shot Leanne .. And the contents page looks fab too! Looking forward to the read 😃

  2. Looks like an interesting magazine. I suppose it would cost quite a bit to ship across the world..

    Note that my blog has moved to my website. Hope to see you there.

    1. Thanks Carolyn, we think it is great. It is a digital magazine, so it ships everywhere so to speak. Postage and the cost of printing meant that we would never have been able to get started, but with digital it has been a lot easier.
      That’s great is it self hosted, how are you finding it.

    2. Leanne, good to know that it’s digital. Does it open up quite large?
      The blog on my website is still so new that I have to get used to Movable Type, though I do like the look.

    3. What do you mean large, it is a PDF file so you can change the size. The download size is usually around 20mb, but this next one, with the images for the tutorial is going to be around 50MB.
      that’s good to hear, I need to work out a few things with mine.

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