First Social Snappers Photography Excursion


Today was the big day, the first excursion.  I have to admit I wasn’t bowled over by people wanting to join the Social Snappers, but I decided I would go ahead anyway.  It was a cold windy day, thankfully not a wet day as well.  The Docklands put on a great show of cold weather, but on the plus side, it was quiet and we just got on with exploring and taking photos, that is what we were there for.  We did explore some areas that I have never been to before, and we picked out some locations for future trips to photograph the sunset there.


This is perhaps one of my favourites from today.  There are these stump things sticking out of the water all over the place.  We couldn’t work out what the significance of them was, and in the end, decided we didn’t care.  I loved them, and would like to go back and photograph them again.  Look how still the water was, the wind picked up not long after this and it was not still again.

The Social Snappers is about organised outings for people to take photos.  It is an opportunity to go out with other people who have similar interests and take photos.  I do the organising and you come and take photos.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

I have some more photos that I took today as well.

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