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Photo challenge number 13 would have to be one of those ones that is loved by nearly all photographers. Who doesn’t love piers? I know I will drive a long way to be able to get photos of them if they are beautiful, falling apart, or just because they are there.
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This morning I had a lovely morning out with a new friend, David and his daughter. We went down to Frankston with the hope of doing some long exposures. Unfortunately there were no clouds and it was a little bit boring. We then headed to Mordialloc. The company was good, the sky was too clear.
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So new theme and lots of teething issues, I have to say if some of the things don’t start working soon I am thinking of giving the theme a one star out of 5. Support would be good and part of the reason for paying for the theme was to get that. They aren’t very good with all of that. I do want to get it sorted as I quite like the theme.
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On my trip to the US I didn’t have a lot of time to really spend on my images and doing things to them the way I really wanted to. I also didn’t have the right computer or gear to do it either. I love my Wacom Tablet, but it wasn’t sensible to take it with me. Now that I am home and have sorted some things out I’ve really been enjoying getting immersed in the possibilities of what you can do to an image.

Over on my other blog I have done a post on Riverside Park in New York, but the images have only been processed quickly in Lightroom. For those that are following me here I have some extra images. They are ones that I have played with.  I’m not really sure where I am going with them, but I like to change what is there and see what I can do with them. Maybe change the mood or the lighting, make it feel as it didn’t before.


This was the first one. It is the buildings along the edge of the park. The sun was bright and I liked that, but at the same time I wanted that apocalyptic feel to it. Of course there are people there, but I didn’t want them to stand out. These massive giants overshadowing everything.


This one is a similar scene. This time taken from a pier looking back towards the Upper Westside and those giants again. They could represent so many things. The problem with our society today, the greed, the consumerism, capitalism at its best. The society of look at me, aren’t I amazing. Of course, I could just be ranting as well.


Then there are the brownstones. Lovely buildings from an era gone I suspect. I love seeing them and wished I had spent more time uptown than down and seen more of these beauties. I think I am a fan of older architecture.

If you click on any of the images you will get a gallery as well so you can look at them individually.



Today was the big day, the first excursion.  I have to admit I wasn’t bowled over by people wanting to join the Social Snappers, but I decided I would go ahead anyway.  It was a cold windy day, thankfully not a wet day as well.  The Docklands put on a great show of cold weather, but on the plus side, it was quiet and we just got on with exploring and taking photos, that is what we were there for.  We did explore some areas that I have never been to before, and we picked out some locations for future trips to photograph the sunset there.


This is perhaps one of my favourites from today.  There are these stump things sticking out of the water all over the place.  We couldn’t work out what the significance of them was, and in the end, decided we didn’t care.  I loved them, and would like to go back and photograph them again.  Look how still the water was, the wind picked up not long after this and it was not still again.

The Social Snappers is about organised outings for people to take photos.  It is an opportunity to go out with other people who have similar interests and take photos.  I do the organising and you come and take photos.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

I have some more photos that I took today as well.

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