Floral Friday


Only one flower today, I’m afraid I’ve been a bit slack with the macros this week. I’ve been busy and I have the Canon 5D4 I need to play with before it goes back. However, spring is almost here and flowers are starting to appear everywhere, so I will be back getting heaps again soon.

Today I leave you with one image that I got from Alowyn Gardens the last time I went. It was taken using the Samyang 100mm 2.8 macro lens. I have had to give the lens back, but it was great while I had it.

I think the image looks a bit different to how I normally do them, I was using the new software that I have been trying out, more news on that soon. It is always different when you are using something new, not everything works the same and you have to think a bit differently. I don’t mind the software, but there are some things that I miss from Photoshop.

I hope you have having a great Friday.


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  1. I went out to shoot some of my own garden flowers yesterday only to discover I didn’t have any! We’ve hit that midsummer lull. the spring and early summer flowers are gone, and the next round, the second round of roses, hasn’t come yet. The only “flower” I could find was ragweed!

    1. I know that one too Marilyn. We have had a very cold winter, well cold for us, and it seems to be dragging on that even the native plants haven’t started flowering, though I did see some wattle up at my mums, so we should have plenty soon. Then I will see what the frost didn’t kill. Thanks Marilyn. Oh what is ragweed?

  2. It’s gorgeous! I stopped with PS end of 2014. Any time a company acts like it is a seller’s market, not a buyer’s, I start to look around.

    1. Thank you Robert, I am still doing it. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to the system, but I suspect it is the way the world is going, unfortunately. Though I would never have been able to afford PS outright.

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