Floral Friday – Bunches of Tulips at the Flower Show


It is that time of the week again for Floral Friday and this week I thought I might show some bunches of tulips that I photographed at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Since last week I showed one, I thought it might be nice to see some that were growing there. Almost makes me want to plant tulips in my garden this year.  However, first, a little bit of business.


Email lists

Some of you may have already noticed the window that pops up that allows you get a free ebook from me. I have been convinced that I need an email list and so I have started it.

What form it will all take is yet to be seen, but I envision sending emails with photography tips and perhaps challenges. I’m doing a course on how to do them, so it should take form over time. They will be shorter emails and will be things that aren’t here on the blog.

It was suggested by someone that it would be good if they could opt in for emails when I do certain posts. I do think that could be possible, and if there is enough interest then I might be able to set it up. So if you only like, say the Monochrome Madness posts, then you could receive an email each week just for that. Something to think about.


Floral Friday – Bunches of Tulips at the Flower Show

It is always a little strange to see tulips growing in autumn here. They don’t normally, but they must put them in a greenhouse under special conditions to get them to grow at that time of the year. They are a beautiful flower, but harder to grow here as the ground often doesn’t get cold enough for them. We have to put them in the fridge for several weeks before planting. I’m told that isn’t always necessary, but we never know if we will have a cold winter or not. If what we are getting so far is any indication, winter may never arrive. We are still in summer clothes even though it is halfway through autumn.

Speaking of my garden, on a sad note I have to say my wisteria is now gone. It was a spectacular plant, grew right over my carport and when it flowered everyone noticed. It was amazing. However, it is such an invasive plant and really needs a disciplined person to look after it. That wasn’t me. The wisteria spread everywhere and into our house a bit. It also partially destroyed our carport. The carport has now been rebuilt and the wisteria had to be removed to do it. Now I might plant a Japanese maple instead. A tree that won’t destroy the house.

I hope you enjoy the tulips from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.


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