Floral Friday – Instagram macro image

Did you know I had a Macro Instagram page as well? Do they call them pages, I don’t know.

I thought since I showed a photo yesterday from my main IG page that I might pretend this is one for my macro page. Since it is Friday I figured I could show you this today as I show flower or flowers on a Friday.

I hope you like it.

I’ve been spending so much time out in my garden this week. I’m trying to get it ready for my winter crops and for summer. I want to have a good summer this year out in the garden. This last one was crap.

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  1. Very beautiful photos, Leanne! ❤️ I hope you complete the work in your garden. My IG came back online overnight after about one week being down. I was hoping it would return. IG said they removed twp spam comments – I don’t leave spam comments so it’s the algorithum again in my opinion. I can’t spell today… 😂

    1. Thank you John, I hope I get it done too. So much to do out there. It is strange what they do to you, I’ve never had that happen to me. It is because a crap site so I am very happy to stay away.

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