Floral Friday – Looking back some macro images

Floral Friday - Looking back some macro images

Today for Floral Friday I thought I might try looking back at some macro images. I like doing this from time to time. It is a good opportunity to show images again.

Floral Friday - Looking back some macro images

Floral Friday – Looking back some macro images

It is always fun to check out older images. They can bring back memories, or they can show you how much you have improved. The second one is something we should all do from time to time. It is amazing how much you can change over the years.

OMG, I hate looking back at images I was doing around 10 years ago. I am embarrassed at them. When I remember back to then I thought they were so fantastic. I was so proud of them. Now, I just cringe.

It is nice to do that, and I would recommend everyone do it. Go ahead, right now, check out your old images.

Wanting a macro lens

I wanted a macro lens for a long time and the image of the mushrooms above was a good reason. It was taken with a long telephoto, but it still had to be cropped a lot. I wanted to do images like this and knew that to really get what I wanted I needed one. I love that kind of photography.

I’m lucky I didn’t have to wait too long. It has been one of my favourite types of photography for a few years now.

Older images

As I said, good to look back, so today I’ve tried to find quite a few of my images that I’ve done in the past that I have always liked. There are more, but I can’t get access to them at the moment. We are having a small problem with our back up system. Dave, my husband is working on it. Who knows how long it will take before he fixes it. Hopefully not long.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this gallery.

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