Silent Sunday: Playing with new things


It has been an interesting week, of course the arrival of the Nikon D850 has made it that more exciting.  

I went into the city the other morning and tried it out.

There were no clouds for long exposures, but I tried some photos at sunrise. The water was quite still.


I love it when the water is like that.

As the sun came up I took some more, here is one of them.


After this we went up to the Eureka Skydeck and I played around with the fisheye lens on my phone.


It gives an interesting effect up there on the 88th floor.

The fisheye is one of the Struman Optics lens.

I hope you are having a great Sunday.

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    1. It has been a while Robin, I hope you have been away traveling somewhere amazing. Thank you. I love the D850, I think it is the most amazing camera I have ever used and I can’t wait to get my own.

    1. I know Laurie, it was incredible, and I find it so hard to get, meaning most times I go to the river it doesn’t look like that. Thank you.

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