Photo Challenge 13 – Piers


Photo challenge number 13 would have to be one of those ones that is loved by nearly all photographers. Who doesn’t love piers? I know I will drive a long way to be able to get photos of them if they are beautiful, falling apart, or just because they are there.

Photo Challenge 13 – Piers


They look good in both colour and black and white.


Once again, participate only if you want too.

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As always, your interpretation. Do what you want.


As I said at the beginning, I really love piers. I love travelling to where they are and taking photos of them. It is never a problem what condition they are in. Perhaps that is what makes them so interesting.

Of course, when talking about piers we should also include, docks, jetty’s, or whatever people call them. I think they are those things that allow us to go out on the water, but don’t go anywhere, like a bridge does.

I’ve taken photos of piers in so many places over the years and what I have for you is just a small selection of what I have. Some of these have been taken around Melbourne. While others have been taken around the coast of Victoria. There were so many others I could have included, but you don’t need to see them all. Otherwise, this post would be so long.

I hope you enjoy the photo challenge. This has to be quick, I’m off for a trip to the NSW coast to see what I can capture there. Perhaps some more piers.

Have a good weekend.


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