Podcast Episode 015 – The Gear I Use


Whenever you see a group of photographers together they all start talking gear. It just seems to be something that people who share a passion do. So podcast episode 015 is my conversation about the gear I use.

Podcast Episode 015 – The Gear I Use

What camera, what lenses, and lots of other stuff. It is a discussion I’m always happy to have. Though when the discussion gets into the technical lingo my eyes glaze over.

I try not to engage in my camera is bigger or better. I think it really doesn’t matter and people should use what they want and how they want. If they love photography then all that matters is that they are taking photos.

This podcast is more than just the gear, but also why I have what I have. Sometimes I think that is really important as well. Why do I have a Nikon camera and why did I stick with it? That is an important question as well.

What gear do you have? Why do you have it?

A photo for today

It seems like a good idea to also show you a photo today.

This was taken a few weeks ago at the Docklands when I was teaching a One On One Photography lesson. We were there during sunset. The Webb Bridge is a popular place to do sunsets from, however, this was taken with the bridge in the image.

You can’t always guarantee a good one, but still, you get what you get. Sometimes you can help it along in post. I choose to do what I wanted. I didn’t try to imitate the sunset but do something a little different.

Experimentation is a great thing to do and I have to admit recently I have been doing a lot of it. Getting out and taking photos hasn’t been a high priority. Going through the thousands of photos that are filling my computer and back up system has been good. So many photos forgotten about are now getting a new life.

I hope you like this one from Docklands.docklands-melbourne-sunset-yarrariver-webbbridge

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  1. Similarly, I’m not too much into the technical capabilities of a camera. If a camera is able to take the photos I want to take, that is all that matters. Pentax is the other camera line which you can use lenses from their SLR line with their DSLRs. That is a good option to have available when some lenses can cost more than the camera body. Canon, unfortunately, didn’t go that route – you had to buy new lenses when they went digital.

    O/T – I finally got myself an Instagram account. Don’t know it’s role yet. So, if you start seeing comments from @DR1779R start popping up, that’s me. πŸ™‚

    1. That is a good thing, having the camera that does what you want is incredibly important. Yes, I have heard that about Canon, I was so happy that my old lenses would work on my DSLR.

      I will have to look you up David, wonderful. I really enjoy Instagram. Thank you David.

  2. Very interesting, Leanne. Like you I started really basic back in the later 1970’s with a manual Vivitar camera. Then my Dad got me a Nikon FE for my birthday one year, and Wow! I gradually acquired few Nikon lenses — first with the camera was a 55mm, then I got a 24 mm. (I still have that lens, and still love it.) Then a portrait lens, a 105mm. When the old FE died (many, many years later), I bought a Nikon N80 — my last film camera, so I could still use my old, but great Nikon lenses. I gradually moved to zoom lenses. I bought a D200 in 2006, my first serious digital camera. As you said, it was a game changer. In 2017 I bought a new D500, and I am still learning all of that camera’s capabilities.

    Because the D200 and D500 are not full frame sensor cameras, I have acquired some newer lenses geared toward those sensors. Today I mostly use my 18mm – 200mm Nikon zoom. It’s a nice lens, but not terribly fast. I have a Nikon 70mm-200mm f2.8 that I use for serious stuff like photos of my wife’s horse shows when speed is important. I just got a 10mm-24mm Nikon wide angle zoom that is rapidly becoming a favorite. One of my favorites is a Sigma 15mm fisheye. That lenses isn’t for everyday, but it can produce some really interesting landscapes. And I have a Sigma 140mm-500mm that I have used for some wildlife shots. It is actually a really nice lens. It’s just big, heavy and so using a tripod is imperative. So, why Nikon? Probably like you, I liked quality and the controls.

    1. Your photography story is similar to mine, though I started earnestly in the 90’s. I do love digital far more than film, I have to say. The D500 is a great camera, I got to try it out not long after it came out. A friend of mine got the Nikon 10-24mm and she loves it, it rarely comes off her camera. It is like I am with my 16-35mm, I use it most of the time. Sounds like you have some great gear Tim, it is nice when you have a good set and really enjoy what you have. Thank you for sharing what gear you have Tim.

  3. Leanne–I enjoyed this podcast. I was also most happy to hear that you are not so much a fan of prime lens. When I was lens shopping, I was told that ‘everyone’ has a 50mm lens. So I bought it. That was not my smartest purchase. I am not the pro you are so pardon if this is a silly question, but what kind of wide angle lens do you use? I like mine but it is only 10-20mm. Hardly a difference really and, looking back, I think I should have researched this more than looking at the sale price. Thanks so much!

    1. That is great to hear Lois. Yeah, never been a fan of the prime, I get that they are good quality but I have always found them to limiting. Yeah, I got talked into buying a 50mm as well, I’ve used it, but it mostly sits on my shelf and is one of the most under used lenses I have. My favourite wide angle lens is the 16-35mm, but I do have a full frame camera. For my infrared camera, which is a cropped sensor I put a 10-24mm on it a while back and haven’t taken it off. The 10-20mm is good. You’re welcome, thank you Lois.

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