Floral Friday – Some real flowers for a change

Floral Friday - New flowers in the garden

I was going to do some more AI images, but then I thought, maybe I would just show some real flowers. I like real flowers and I hope you like these.

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  1. You posted beautiful flowers and even got a photo bomber! Sometimes I see a real flower that is so perfect that I wonder if it’s fake. I have to touch it to make sure. lol

    1. Plastic ones rarely look real and they collect dust, though I think the real here is because I’ve been doing flower photos with AI.

  2. These are lovely Leanne. I’m going out to our local nursery today to take some photos. Sadly my garden is a bit of a wasteland at the moment, so I’ll borrow some pretty flowers.

  3. As I have said before, it is interesting to see your experiments with AI. However, I must say, I prefer LI (Leanne Intelligence) indeed that is nothing but the Cole truth.

    1. Beautiful photographs. I have some photos of the morning flower, or anemone, too. I use one with a little bee in my Blog! They’re all so pretty.

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