Floral Friday – White Lilies

The only plant that seems to be growing in my garden in the freezing cold are white lilies.

We are going through a record breaking cold spell, so I’ve heard, and going outside isn’t that appealing. I will have to of course, but I might wait.

These are older photos and I hope you don’t mind seeing them again.

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  1. That first one…….a beautiful flying, floating form. The flower is, of course beautiful, but here is transforms into some kind of ethereal dream. (In other words …… really like it!)

    1. Thank you Geoff, that is really nice of you to say. They are starting to flower again I might have to try picking some and doing some more photography with them.

  2. Funny. I know you guys are the opposite here… and I can understand the relative latitude… But I never think of Oz as cold.

    1. Oh yes, it gets cold here, I’m right down south and we get a winter. It can get below 0 degrees C here overnight. DAy time tops of 12 or 14.

    2. That’s chilly — I bet, given your elevation, it’s also pretty humid too? I’m sure that doesn’t help.

    3. No it isn’t humid in Melbourne, I mean we get a little in summer, but it is usually more a dry heat. Which is so good.

    4. Small favours, then.
      I was stationed in Virginia, a humid place relative to Colorado where I grew up. I wasn’t ready for humid cold; it was quite the education for young me.

    5. Ah, humid areas like the US east coast and midwest don’t necessarily dry up in the winter. It’s not usually as humid in the winter as in the summer, but all that moisture in the air sort of just penetrates through whatever coat/thermals you’re wearing. I definitely wasn’t ready for it when I first encountered it.

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