Spring is in the air – flowers are blooming in the garden

Spring is here in Melbourne and it has been so nice going out into the garden to see what is flowering.

I planted lots of bulbs and have done my best to make sure I get a lot of flowers blooming now. Though I think I could do more. It is nice to head out with my macro lens, or the Lensbaby lenses and see what I can photograph.

I still use my Nikon camera and macro lens for a lot of my macro images, though I also have a good range of Lensbaby lenses as well. So the first two images were taken with the Fujifilm X-S10 and the Composer Pro II with the Sweet 35. The rest are with my macro lens.

I still have more photos from my trip, but I thought it would be nice to show some flowers for a change. I’ll be back with more from Coober Pedy soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the floral display from my garden.

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  1. We are confuse here in India.. we don’t know is it winter, monsoon or summer here ? 😂 By the way great work and very nice flowers photo.

  2. Ahhh that cover image is spectacular!! Spring for you is autumn for me. I’m sadly watching my garden die off as I buy bulbs to plant for next year’s harvest. Beautiful work! I’m glad I found your blog today 😊

    1. It is funny how the world works, you are planting your bulbs as mine are flowering. I’m trying to get lots of things flowering in my garden this year, lots to photograph then. Thank you LaShelle.

  3. Loved seeing your Spring blooms, Leanne. I’m also in that Canadian space where winter is knocking at the door. The first purple flowers are striking to my eyes.

    1. Thank you Olga, I’ve been waiting for everything to start flowering. I hope you don’t have a very cold winter. I love purple flowers.

    1. Yes, that happens. though if I’m honest I haven’t been a very good blogger the last couple of years, I’m trying to get back into now.

    1. It is always funny how that happens, I mean the seasons being mixed up. Do you get snow Anita? I love the idea of snow and looking at photos, but not sure I would like live in it.
      Melbourne here, my Melbourne. My brother-in-law lives in Melbourne too, but the one in Florida.

  4. lovely work, leanne!


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