Flower and Garden Show last year


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show for 2019 starts tomorrow, so I thought it might be nice to look back on some photos from last year.


Flower and Garden Show last year

Every year I go it is always different and there are always surprises. I like that, means that it never gets boring.

It is also interesting to see which flowers are in fashion. That is always interesting. The year before last there were Chrysanthemums everywhere, but last year almost none.

Seeing all the different displays is great.

This year

I have my pass for this year again and I’m looking forward to seeing what is happening.

The show is on for 5 days, starting tomorrow and finishing on Sunday. I always think I will go each day but seem to only get there for 3. I take lots of photos which is always great.

Another reason I’m looking forward to it this year is because I’m thinking of having a bit of a career change. It is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and I have a few days to decide, but I think I might go back to study. I thought I might study horticulture. Then afterward I could get a job working with plants in some way. It would also help with my own garden. I can work towards getting that macro garden I’ve been dreaming about. The one for taking macro flowers in.

Something I’m seriously considering and the flower and garden show will be great to check out stuff.


I have some photos from last year. They are more the overall look to show you the look of the place. I always take photos like this on the first day of the show. Well, I usually do. Still can’t decide what I will do tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy looking back at last years photos.

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  1. That’s a beautiful exhibition hall, very grand. It is intriguing how your flower and garden show changes every year. I’m afraid it would be the same kind of show, year in and year out, here in the USA.

    1. It is a beautiful hall and apparently the only one from the exhibition era of the late 1800’s that is still used as an exhibition centre. It is also listed with the world heritage. It is nice that it does change, I mean there is a fair bit that is the same, but they do try to mix it up. Thank you David.

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