Frangipanis on a Friday

Just over 12 months ago my daughter gave me a frangipani plant for Christmas. I’ve had one before but it died, so this time I did some research on how to keep it alive.

Apparently, it is okay to leave them outside during the summer, but you have to be careful in winter. I think the first one I had died in winter because I left it out.

So when winter hit last year I thought I would put it in my greenhouse that way it would get some protection from the cold.

They are funny plants in that they lose their leaves during the colder months so you don’t know if has survived until spring. In spring leaves started growing again. Then these funny bud like things were growing on it too and I couldn’t believe that I was going to get some flowers.

I took this next photo about a week ago with my phone. These were the first flowers to come out.

They are such beautiful flowers and I love the colours. I wonder if I should try to get more of them.

The photo at the top and the following were taken this morning.

The colours are lovely. There are so many different ones, but I am really happy with this one.

As they like humid conditions I decided to leave the plant in the greenhouse over the summer. It will be interesting to see how it grows in there.

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  1. Beautiful! Brings back some fragrant memories..
    Are these pink ones fragrant like the white ones?

    1. Thank you PR, I had no idea if there was any frangrance, but I have been out there to see if there is a fragrance and it is beautiful. I don’t know what the white ones smell like, but I like mine.

    2. Great! The white one has a beautiful pleasant smell..not overpowering at all🙂. I think it would be the same for the pink one.

  2. Not unlike orchids which often look completely dead before rediscovering life. Frangipani are supposed to smell very good. They certainly are lovely!

    1. Dead is a good way to describe them in winter. I will have to go and try smelling it, though it is raining now, so might have to wait. Thank you Marilyn.

    1. I’m jealous Brian, I might have to get more now that I know how to keep them. Yeah, it would be hard if you didn’t have a greenhouse. Thank you.

  3. Lovely colors, and the petals remind me of the huge propellers on giant ships that have multiple blades. ❤️

    1. I love it Lois, though I have noticed the fragrance, I will have to go out and check it out. Yeah, I hope so, I think it likes the greenhouse. Thank you.

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