Day 1 – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Today was the day, the first one actually for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. The first time in three years as the last two were cancelled because of COVID.

It was different this year. I mean it is always a little different but this year there don’t seem to be as many exhibitors. I don’t know why, but perhaps it was thought that many people may not come because of the pandemic. However, looking at the queues of people trying to get in, it doesn’t seem like that was stopping anyone.

There is no doubt the world has changed, and it may take time for many things to get back to normal.

One of the first things you notice if you come from the museum side is the building.

The Royal Exhibition Building really is beautiful. I think it is the only, or one of a few, of world heritage buildings in Australia. I love it and always jump at the chance to take photos of it.

Here are some I took today.

When you head out to the other side you get to see the amazing fountain.

This building is perfect for the garden show, especially with Carlton Gardens that are out the front. Walking among the beauty of all this.


When you enter the building there are floral displays everywhere. Usually, they have already been judged. Here are some photos of some of them.


This is where a lot of the action is taking place.

Most of the exhibitors or shops are located outside, plus all the display gardens.

The display gardens are amazing. I wish sometimes I could have a garden like them, but I also like the haphazardness of my garden.

Here are some of the ones that are there.

They are quite creative.

I enjoyed the first day, but I will admit I started to feel claustrophobic when the crowds started to get rather thick. I had to put on my mask. It is the first time I’ve felt that way. I will continue to wear my mask where necessary.

I’m going back tomorrow and hoping to do some time lapses and video. I will also do more photos.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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    1. It is, so majestic and the history of it too. I find it amazing that our democratic history basically started there as well. I am so glad I went and have been going. I’m going to be exhausted at the end of it, but I will have lots of time to recoup, I hope. Thank you bushboy.

  1. Lovely! The one problem you mentioned is every where, the size of the crowds. And I’m sure that folks who haven’t gone anywhere for ages because of Covid are probably flocking to events like this?

    1. You could be right Dorothy. Though it was also very good to see that only people who have been vaccinated were allowed into the show. That was taking ages, checking everyone’s vaccination status. I think because it is outdoors, that is another reason many people were going, I’m sure. Thank you Dorothy.

  2. Hi Leanne: Thank you for sharing the show with us. The Royal Exhibition Building is stunning. We are lucky that someone in the past had the foresight to protect these beautiful architecturally significant buildings. Enjoy the rest of the show.

    1. We are very very lucky especially when you start to hear what happened to many of the others from around the world. Thank you.

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