Day 3 was all about the flowers and my Lensbaby

Finally, I got around to concentrating on taking photos of just the flowers. If you can believe that. Though, that isn’t really true either, but I did go there with that intention.

Today I spent Day 3 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with my friend Chris. We got there early and just wandered.

One thing I like about going on multiple days is that I can try different things each day. Today was my Lensbaby day.

Lensbaby at the Flower and Garden Show

I took along my Lensbaby Velvet 56 and the Composer Pro II with the Sweet 50 and the Sweet 35.

I ended up having fun with the Composer Pro II and the Sweet 35 on my Fujifilm X-S10 nearly all day. There was a time when I tried the Sweet 50, but I ended up swapping it back.

It is an interesting lens to use when taking photos. I find the manual focusing hard sometimes, but I am getting used to it. It is one of those things where the more you use it the better you get, I hope.

Not all the photos are really sharp, but there is something else there. I have some that I want to do more work on before I show you.

I have done a few in Lightroom to show you.

I know with any normal lens you can isolate parts of an image, but if you have things besides the subject then they will be sharp too. I like how the composer pro allows you to isolate just one thing. It is really interesting. Take a look and see what you think.

I am so tired. Three days of getting up really early to drive in so I could get a park has really taken it out of me. Perhaps that and also walking around and doing all that photography. It has been a couple of years since I went out so much.

I have so many photos, and I don’t know if you will see them all, but it has been great getting a collection together again. Whispering I say, Life almost seems like it is getting back to normal. We can hope, fingers crossed. Maybe toes too.

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    1. Welcome. I don’t know what the dahlia is, I just love them all, sorry. My dahlias are coming out too. They are my favourite flower.

  1. This is the first time in ages that I’ve been able to find your blog, Leanne. I was getting to the wrong place. I’m glad to find you again.

    1. You were probably going to the first one I had, this is self hosted, so I guess a little harder to find. But here you are now. Thank you Marsha.

  2. Lovely images as always Leanne. Thanks for the video yesterday. It gave a good overview of the flower show – spectacular.

    1. Thank you Sheila, and thank you for watching the video. I am glad you got the overview. It is a spectacle show, I love going.

  3. Oh, your flowers are gorgeous…love the spotlighted ones. (I was going to discuss the new workings, but I realize that I don’t have the vocabular.) The red/white tulips remind me of some that I have, remains of florists’ arrangement/bowl of bulbs that my late husband sent me the first Easter we were…uh, involved. That was approx. 1970. 🙂 I”m SO happy you are enjoying your new lensbaby….I get it even through the ‘net.

    1. Thank you Pat. Wow, so you still have them, that is so lovely. I love Lensbaby lenses, I have quite a few now and always have fun with them. Thank you, I love that you can tell.

    2. I am a mediocre photographer myself, but I do appreciate great work like yours… back in the day my husband Bob did most of the photog work. We interited some cameras and he added them to his repretoire and used different lenses. Now my photos were lacking because I never did get the hang of F-stops and the like, so as a result our collection is such that Bob;s technical photo work was excellent, but his esthetics were not so much. Mine were the opposite. Once I got digital cameras I learned to LOVE my work.

    3. I think everyone thinks they are a mediocre photographer Pat. In my family it is me that takes all the photos, and in my parents home it was always my mum.Funny how it seems to end up just one person doing it. I have to admit growing up we never had cameras that had manual settings, but got my first one about 30 years ago and had to learn fast. Learning to love your work is so important.

    4. My great-granddaughter is a budding photographer. Before Covid she was part of a group that was learning photography from scratch…including developing their own film. She has some prizes from that work. Now she is is high school and studying photography. She is 16 now, a young teen when the group was active. They had several studio shows, I still see the thrill on her face when she walked in and saw her name in big letters on the wall by her exhibit. (All of the participants were similarly featured, her name was just first for alphabetical reasons.)

    5. I hope your great-grand daughter can get back to her group. That sounds fantastic. I wish I had something like that when I was younger.Exhibitions are so exciting. I know that feeling. Wish her luck from me.

    6. The photo group was subsidized by a city arts program, and featured amateur artists as young as 7…Beatrice was about 14. The students did all aspects of a photo, from choice of subject to dark-room work, and then their shots were displayed large in a studio…it was a thrill to see her name up on the wall. The class was a casualty of Covid, but she still does photography, now she’s almost 17.

    7. There are exhibitions and shows of amateur artists frequently downtown (Cleveland, Ohio) I don’t know if the particular program is still on, Too bad, Covid pretty much tried to ruin everything. Unfortunately I don’t see my greatgrands much, and as for Beatrice she now drives, works for an ice cream place, and is I think a Senior in High School. 12th grade. My greats and grands do arts, music, baseball…I love that they are so versatile and energetic.

    8. It would be a shame if it wasn’t on anymore. It is a shame how they have to grow up, don’t you think Pat. I hope you get to see them soon. Sounds like they lead very busy lives.

    9. I don’t know what the status of the event is now. The exhibitors ranged from 7 years upward. It was cool to see the names on the wall by the exhibits, a selection of their work. Some were quite accomplished. They were given a film camera to lern specifics from basic composition to actually developing the film and doing the steps to producing the final…I know she is continuing her photography now, if she will continue beyond high school I don’t know. They actually sold their work, quite a thrill for young photographers. The biggest thrill of that was when the buyer was someone unknown to the artist, of course assorted relatives and friends.

    10. her current job is working in an ice cream shoppe…she’s 16, and still does photography. Yes, selling those prints from the show was thrilling, even if most of the sales were to family…a couple were just ordinary onlookers that she didn’t know, that’s the greatest I guess.

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