Heading away with new gear

Recently I was loaned the Tamron 18mm to 300mm lens for the Fujifilm camera. I was so excited because it is the first lens that Tamron has done for the mirrorless Fujifilm cameras.

On top of that I received a new bag from 3 Legged Thing, yes they have started doing camera bags. Though Blond Robot also loaned me two other bags from them as well to try out. They are also the people who loaned me the Tamron 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD lens.

You know what that meant, I needed to plan a trip away.

It is still a bit scary to be going away. Covid has changed so much and being out and about with people is still a scary thought. The idea was to go somewhere where there weren’t going to be a lot of people. The decision was made to go down to the Great Ocean Road, more specifically the 12 Apostles.

International travel isn’t happening here yet, so we knew if we went down there the chance of running into a lot of tourists would be minimal. We also planned to stay the night in Port Campbell with the idea being to do sunset and sunrise.

So the bags will be packed and with them, I am taking the Tamron 18mm to 300mm lens, two of the bags, the Morally Toxic Valkyrie bags, the 20L, and the 25L. I always take two bags when I go away. I tend to only use one, but the other one I put in all the extra gear I may want to use.

One other thing I now have, also from 3 Legged Thing, is the levelling base. This base will be perfect for doing timelapse photography with my Genie Mini, which was also packed.

Getting new gear, even if only for a short time, has been really good for me. It has really motivated me to get out and take photos again.

In the next post, I will start to show you what I took and how I found the new gear. Plus how the trip went. Take care everyone and stay safe and healthy.



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  1. How life has changed in the last two years: not necessarily in a good way!
    Pleased you have the enthusiasm for getting out and about with camera gear. Here in the UK it’s been so depressing, what with the (plague) and still not being happy with all the rain after my years in Oman, I’ve no enthusiasm.
    As always, looking forward to seeing your next post.

    1. It has, and I think the last two years have taught us and showed us what humanity looks like these days and it isn’t necessarily good.
      I wouldn’t say enthusiasm so much as having some motivation to get out because I had to try out the new gear. I also wanted to get it done before Omicron hit our state. We won’t be going anywhere much once that gets here.
      I’m sorry to hear you have no enthusiasm David, it is a tough time. Thank you, there will be a few on this last trip I think.

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