Floral Friday – More Dahlias

Floral Friday - More Dahlias

For floral Friday I wanted to you some more dahlias from my garden that have started flowering. There are 12 plants and now 5 of them are flowering.

The five that are now flowering have so many buds on them and I look forward to lots of flowers. It looks like there may be so many that I will be able to pick some and do more controlled photos. Maybe use some in still life.

The weather has been fairly mild the last couple of weeks. Who knows if it will stay that way. You just never know here. So while the weather has been better it has also given the garden time to recover from that heat. They can relax.

The sky has been weird and so when I took all these images it was like it was a big diffuser. Really the light was gorgeous. I loved it. A little bit windy, but that’s okay.


There are only four dahlias here. Part of the reason is because I showed you one the other day. There aren’t any buds on the others, but I am hoping that will change soon. I can’t even remember what the others are.

I hope you enjoy this pick from my garden.

Floral Friday – More Dahlias

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