Highways from Monochrome to Colour


Over on my other blog it is Monochrome Madness and today I thought I would do a quick post and show you the image that I did for that in colour.

I took this image sitting in the back of a car and took this through the wind screen as we were driving down the highway. We were returning to San Francisco after our visit to Yosemite National Park.


I loved the mountains as we drove through them. I think these are the Sierra Mountains. They were so sparse and so big. I find the way the road cuts through interesting as well.

It is almost a monotone image even in colour. I haven’t done a lot to it, but if you want to see the monochrome version then please go to MM 2-39.

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  1. I must admit, that I seldom have been looking here at your other website….
    Perhaps I should do that more!:
    This is a stunning shot – I love the composition with the lines and perspective that makes it almost 3-dimensional-

  2. This is a fantastic image Leanne!
    Love the depth of field and the vastness all at the same time. Wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous. Those California hills are so smooth. I like looking at both monochrome and color. The Monochrome brought out the slippery warning sign more for some reason, I thought it was a real car! I love what you did with this. You’ve shown how a shot like this is really interesting.

    1. They are, I loved them, we have an area similar, but not the same. It is interesting how different they look and how each highlights something different. Thank you Nicci.

    1. and from the back seat, lol, I thought I did well, if you zoom into it there are some funny things, the image isn’t great, but I’m happy with it for here. Thanks John.

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