Influencing Me – Jeffrey Smart

jeffrey smart australian painter

Influencing Me – Jeffrey Smart

Leading on from the post yesterday it seemed like a good idea to take a look at Jeffrey Smart for my Influencing Me post today. His work reminds of me of what I want to do.

jeffrey smart australian painter

Influencing Me – Jeffrey Smart

There is something very graphic about his images. I can understand why photographers would be attracted to his work. The realism is really good.

There is an editing to his images that happens as he paints so you only see what he wants you to.  The images have been stripped down so only what is relevant is painted. It is something that I have struggled with when taking photos. It is part of the reason why I want to start taking photos in a different way.


When I look at his work I can see the possibilities of what I can do with my own. It is really good to just look at the work and let the images inspire you. I find the images haunt me, much in the same way that Edward Hopper’s do. They stay with me and I can’t lose them from my head. I love it.

It would be wrong not to think that we can do similar things with photography.  Now the trick is to work out how I can do similar stuff with my images. I could go back to painting and just use photographs for reference. That is what a lot of other artists do.

However, I don’t think it is what I want to do. I want to be able to achieve these kinds of looks with my photos. I just need to work out how. That’s the next step.


Here is a gallery with a few of his images. He has a vast number of paintings, but these are some that I really like. They all have a similar theme to them, or a similar composition.

I hope you like his work as well. If you want to see more work follow this link.


8 Responses

  1. I have never heard of this artist, immediately I am falling in love with his work. Thank you so much for sharing, Leanne

  2. A nice post. I like his graphical style to painting-it works well with this photographer’s eye.

  3. Thanks first of all for introducing me to an artist I’d completely missed. Wonderful work, and I can see that any photographer might find echoes of this within her/his work. That corrugated metal sheet, the array of balconies, a simple street sign, the dish aerial over a roofline, these are images that a photographer might find in their own collection. Very inspiring, to try to pare one’s work down to this.

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