The city from a boat


This image is, from my day of sailing with Take It Easy, has been a hard one to do. The buildings were really flat and trying to get more detail into them and make them stand out was harder than I thought it would be. It is the problem, sometimes, with using a telephoto lens.

I took some similar images to this when I was in New York and I’ve been trying to work out how to get some of Melbourne ever since. So glad I finally got something.

We started in sunshine on this day, then we watched the clouds roll in and finally it rained as well. You can see the storm approaching in this image. There was a lot of rain, but thankfully most of it held off until we were back at Docklands.


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  1. You made a very imposing sky. I know no one, except for the foolhardy, would have gone on the water with that kind of storm looming.

  2. So good to see what you came up with, Leanne. It does look much more dramatic and eerie than it was or we would never have gone out! But I like what you did with this view of our town!

    1. Thank you Chris, wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I’m happy with the result. Yes, have to make really dramatic, you know me.

  3. Wow! What a dramatic image, Leanne! In German we would say ‘schaurig schön’, which translates ‘eerie and beautiful’. That was at least my impression. Merry Christmas Time!

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