Influencing Me – Michael Kenna again

Influencing Me – Michael Kenna again

This isn’t the first time I have looked at Michael Kenna in an Influencing Me post, but I thought it might be nice to show you something other than his images.

Influencing Me – Michael Kenna again

This is not the first post I have done on him, so I am not going to repeat what I have said before, instead, I’m going to direct you to the previous post, so please click here if you want to see it.

What I really wanted to show you today is a video on his work. I’ve seen one where it shows him taking photos in the snow in Japan and I thought it would be really good for you to see as well.

It is incredible watching what he goes through to take his photos and how he gets the ones he wants.

Here it is:

However, while I was looking for the previous one I found one where he is talking about the process and how he finds the things he wants to photograph.

For this one, it does start with an exhibition of his work. I would highly recommend taking a look at that. I was surprised to see how small his images are when he prints them for a show. So many of us are trying to create massive images, and well, maybe that isn’t really as important.

I hope you enjoy both of the videos. Watching photographers as they work and hearing their thought process can be really encouraging. I try to do it a lot.

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  1. Very interesting videos and superb photography. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Sue

    Thanks for the heads up on this photographer – I have just read a fascinating interview with him:

  3. Ed Fetahovic

    If you like Michaels work, you will likely enjoy Ray Metzkers landscapes too 🙂

  4. Interesting video, incredible to see the effort that goes in behind the scenes to get the result he wants.

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