Influencing Me – Paul Barson

Paul Barson Floral Portraits

Macro photography is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. However, processing it has been something that took me some time to work out. When I first discovered Influencing Me – Paul Barson‘s work, I would be lying if I didn’t say his work was very influencing to me.

Paul Barson Floral Portraits

Influencing Me – Paul Barson

This is not the first post I’ve done on him. I think I did an introduction one to him a few years ago. I fell in love with his floral work. I liked the way he gave the plants the attention they deserved.

With the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show over for another year, I am so inspired to get back into macro photography. Seeing all the different flowers and the ones that are available was great. I came home with several plants for the garden. However, today we are talking about Paul and his incredible floral portraits.

When I first saw his work I just wanted to imitate it. I wanted to do the same sort of thing to my macro images. I don’t think I succeeded.

My work is a lot closer to the subject than Paul’s. We both like that dark look, but each of us has a different feel to their work.

Paul’s Floral Portraits

First off, I have to say I love what he calls them, the floral portraits. Such an appropriate name for them.

He doesn’t seem to get in as close as I do with his images. The way he photographs them shows more than just the flower and you get an idea of where it is. They give you the feeling of being done at night with the moonlight hitting them. There is a peaceful serene feel to them.

Most photographers try for perfection when they are photographing flowers. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t the same, but I do. When you look through his work you see the flowers in all sorts of states and perfection isn’t the object. Let’s face it, most flowers have some flaws, especially as they age.


Paul’s work really speaks for itself and you should take a look. I have a selection of it here, but if you go to his website you will see far more. Click here to be taken there. While I’m concentrating on the floral work, he also has other work that he is doing and you should check that out as well.


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  1. Those dark backgrounds work well to emphasise the colour of the flowers… I can see how he is a source of inspiration for your own work.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say that, wiht the exception of my camera manual, I haven’t read any books on photography. Most of my learnign has been via blog posts, workshops and field trips. However, I think it’s time I correct that. Any recommendations for a weekend landscape and docmentary photographyer?

    1. It sounds like you are doing a good job with the research. I don’t really look at books anymore as I can find everything I want online. Instagram is fantastic to find photographers, look up the hashtag #landscape and see what you can find, though I think the really beautiful photos are often under #longexposure. I might do a blog post on this and where you can find great photographers to look at, do you think that would help?

  3. I so wish I could achieve that dark look in post when making macro images of flowers. I do try but often wind up with a crisp clean look which is not what I am after. I would love a workshop? 🙂 Ian

    1. That dark look is amazing, I love it too and to think he does it with lightroom. I don’t know about workshop, I am trying to organise some macro workshops.

  4. Paul Barson’s work is ethereal , peaceful and speaking words without saying them, in a nutshell his work is most outstanding. I got to know his work through Face Book a few years ago and I got very inspired by him. Thank you for sharing, Leanne. Have a great , creative week. Cornelia

    1. I agree Cornelia, to all those things. Good to hear you are already familiar with his wonderful images. You’re welcome.

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