Lens Artists Challenge #285: Warm Colors

When I first saw what this challenge was I had some images in mind, and then a thought occurred to me, central Australia is all warm colours. Once I thought that I couldn’t think of any other images.

This weeks challenge is set by Egidio. Warm colours are so beautiful, so I was happy to see that this was it.

Here is a selection of the images of Central Australia that I took in 2022. It if funny looking at them, they all look like it would be really warm, but it was winter and we were freezing in some of these places.

Thank you Egidio for setting this challenge for us. It is his first, and a good one.

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  1. Beautiful as always Leanne. It was a very fond reminder of our visit to Uluru, during which we managed to spend a night under the incredible sky. More stars than I’ve ever seen anywhere! Also loved the truck image and the people walking through the rocks.

    1. We didn’t do that, not sure it is something I would do. I do get what you mean about the stars. We didn’t plan our trip very well, so we missed out on the milky way, but planning another trip back to get it. I love the trucks in Coober Pedy, they were amazing, did you get there? Thank you Tina.

  2. Leanne, the Australian tourism department should hire you. What amazing photos! And some were captured in the winter! That is even more impressive. Your photos did capture the warm colors of Australia. Amazing gallery! If I had to pick only one — a nearly impossible task — I think I would go with chasms gaps. The resiliency of those plants growing in the rock was beautiful. Thanks for joining in the challenge. This is a great post!

    1. Lovely thought Egidio, but I don’t think they care about me. They were all taken in winter, over a week or two. That chasm was amazing, the walk to it was also great. You’re welcome, thank you for your words and for setting the challenge.

  3. Always a treat to see what you come up with, Leanne. Today was no different. You are right, there is a perception that the temps are warm, but I can appreciate those thoughts as I often feel like that in Utah, and Arizona. I especially love the sun coming through the slot canyon, the silhouette of the truck, and the plants growing out of the rock. Awesome.

    1. Thank you Donna, I have to admit I look forward to hearing what it will be. There were a couple of places there that we were freezing while standing there to take photos. I imagine those place you mentioned are probably the same, freezing over night and warmer during the day. They are some of my favourites too.

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