Lens Artists Challenge # 269: On The Edge

I keep seeing this challenge everywhere and when Anne was out here back in February she encouraged me to give it a go. I’ve mostly passed because I wasn’t sure I would have photos and also, I’ve never been into challenges. I’m not sure I will do it each week, but I might try and do some of them.

This week the challenge was set by Patti and is On the The Edge. I had a think about this and thought I could do it. So I’ve been going through my photos to see what I have.

I have come up with the following images. All on the edge of water really.

So this is my first time doing this challenge. I hope I did it right. Thank you Anne for talking to me about it.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info.

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  1. A lot of beautiful images! Since I started using Jetpack app to check other bloggers’ posts, I’ve noticed those “challenges”, but still don’t really understand how they work, so never posted anything so far. 😅

    1. Thank you Joey. Yeah, I’ve been seeing them a lot as well. I have some blogging friends that do it as well, so that helped me out. Take a look at the link at the bottom of the post, that should help you and John is the person who seems to know all about it, so a good person to ask.

    2. Thanks! Looks like #269 is the most recent, but hard to tell who hosts the next challenge and a theme. I’ll check around more. 😅

    3. Yeah, I’m not so sure how it works, I just followed my friend Anne and when she posted I knew what I had to do. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help.

    4. No worries! I guess I’ll just need to follow someone always participating so that I’ll know when to post and what theme. 😅

    5. At the bottom of my post there is a link to instructions on how the challenge works, who are the hosts, etc. John (our nets with John Bo) has a link on his post at the bottom as well. Hope you’ll join us!

  2. Well Leanne, how nice to see your name pop up on our challenge! While I don’t often comment I’ve visited your blog many times and never once been disappointed. You’re a magician with a lens 😊. Your post is perfect for the week. I especially loved the Edge of the River and your many cliffs. Is that one image from Australia’s Apostles??

    1. You can blame Anne, lol. Thank you Tina, that is really nice of you to say. I took that photo that you liked best so many years ago and have rarely experienced the river being that still since. Not of the Apostles, but close to it, it is from Loch Ard Gorge, or next door to it.

  3. These are amazing and definitely on the edge. When there’s a challenge I can’t relate to, I give it a twist and it works out okay. I’d hope you participate more now that you’ve taken the plunge.

    1. Thank you Anne, I did have to think about it a bit. That is an interesting way to look at them, and maybe I will do that, but I can’t promise to do it each week, but will see how I go.

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