Lens-Artists Challenge #272 – Billboards and Signs

This was a hard challenge for me. I photograph signs all the time, but I have no idea where the photos are. I have spent a couple of hours going through my archives and trying to find them.

So John, this was a hard one. Thank you John from Journeys with Johnbo for setting this challenge.

I don’t really photograph billboards, but thought the silos that have been painted could be considered billboards. They are like billboards in the country. I thought the same about the Aboriginal Paintings that I saw when I was in the Northern Territory.

As for the other signs they are from various places that I have been too. I hope it fits the brief.

Thank you John for setting this challenge and being our host.

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  1. Loved your gallery, Leanne. I must chime in about the silos – and the farmer in sepia. That one is a masterpiece.

  2. Love your first image, Leanne. Like others, I think the silos and are true works of art and a great share. What a fantastic way to dress up farm communities. The pictograph/petroglyph was a nice add as well.

    1. Thank you Donna. The silos have been very popular. I have a love hate thing for the painted silos. For me it takes away the way the community really is, but I get why they have done that. I just hope they leave some of them as they are.

    2. That’s interesting. So many people love them, and yet I get why you want to keep them as they should be… the farm.

    3. Yeah I know, they are very well liked. I just question how long they will last and what happens when the paint starts peeling off. Here they are not on farms, they are publicly owned and usually by train stations, or near train lines.

  3. Really enjoyed your post! like everyone I found the silos a stand-out. There must be a lot of big signs in Australia!

  4. The search forr images seems to be part of the fun. I still have the idea of joining in with this…..however with the nothingness of being retired, just got too many things to do. Never a dull moment!

    1. You could be right Geoff about searching for photos. You should try it one week, it is nice to be a part of it. I’m retired too, and my garden keeps me very busy. Thank you Geoff.

  5. Those silos are beautiful billboards, for sure. That portrait of a farmer on the silo is a masterpiece and is my favorite. Also, Leanne, I had just as much trouble finding signs in my own gallery as you did. It seems I don’t keyword them very well. As I’ve been seeing everyone’s responses, I’ve been remembering other signs I could have included. I’m happy you enjoyed the search.

    1. Thank you John. That silo you liked it one I actually had printed and framed for my walls. I never use keywords, now I’m wondering if I should.

  6. Loved your take on the challenge Leanne – those painted silos are amazing, especially the one in sepia. Thanks as always for joining us.

  7. Leanne, those silos are awesome. What a great idea. We have so many silos in our countryside and so many opportunities. Great response to this challenge.

    1. They are Anne, though there are so many of them now. Maybe you should make some suggestions about what they can do with those silos. lol. Thank you.

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