Looking at older photos – Melbourne through the years Part One

I’m having trouble working out what to do with the videos and so today I thought I might start a series of videos looking at my photos of Melbourne from 2013.

I wondered if there would be a difference in the images and if how I photograph and process my images has changed over that time.

In this video I have picked photos from 2013 to 2015. It wasn’t easy because I started photographing Melbourne before 2013 but I didn’t use RAW images or use Photoshop files, so it makes finding them harder. Maybe one day I will see about finding some of them.

So here is a look at Melbourne using my photography from those 3 years.

I am thinking of not doing the processing videos. Not sure if people really want them, but I love doing videos like this one, so for the time being I might spend more time doing ones like this.

I hope you like it.

Here are a few of the photos you will find in it.

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