Scrolls in cinnamon

Scrolls in cinnamon

Cinnamon scrolls or rolls is not something that is well known in Australia. Well, not as they do them in the USA.

Here you can buy coffee scrolls, or jam or apple ones too, but cinnamon seems to be more a home-baked thing you hear more about from the USA.

That’s not to say people here don’t make them, but they aren’t common. My daughter used to make them when she was in high school, but they weren’t made with yeast. More an English scone style. They were good but different.

Making Cinnamon scrolls or rolls myself

There are so many recipes for making them online. It is hard to know which one to pick. Since I’m on this sourdough kick I naturally went for a sourdough recipe. I mean why not.

The Clever Carrot had a recipe and I decided to give it a go. Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls. That is the link if you would like to try them.

They were really good and we liked them. I plan on making them again, but if I do I am going to make sure when I have them rolled up that I cut them smaller. They didn’t really fill the tin up enough I thought. Other than that they were great. Be warned the recipe for the glazing makes a lot, good, but way too much.

Scrolls in cinnamon


Once they were cooked and before I let anyone taste them I did a quick set up to take some photos. It is something I really enjoy doing now.

Scrolls in cinnamon

Do you make cinnamon rolls? Do you have any tips?

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  1. Heavenly! I make cinnamon rolls with yeast. When I was in High School the school board cancelled sports for a year for lack of fund. The Methodist Church Youth made cinnamon rolls as a fund raiser every year. So the school kids asked the church if we could do a fund raisers to raise funds for sports. We got so many orders it was unbelievable. There were cinnamon rolls raising on many tables throughout the basement. It smelled so good. The fund raiser was a success. Sports were saved for another year. I got my recipe from the Methodist Church fundraiser.

    1. What a great way to raise money. A different take on a bake sale. They are really good to eat. I think most recipes are with yeast and I have to admit I did add a little to the ones I am making right now, plus the sourdough. I thought I would see if it made a difference to them. Thank you Lena.

    2. Did the yeast make a difference? It seems it would rise a little faster. They sure look good. Good enough to make some myself. 🙂

    3. The ones in the photos didn’t have yeast, but I just baked a fresh batch and I added a teaspoon of instant yeast. They did rise faster, so the bulk rise was quicker and I had to put them in the freezer sooner. This morning when I did the second rise it was faster too. They are so light and fluffy, I would always add that little bit of yeast to them now.

  2. I love cinnamon scrolls, but only started to bake it from scratch because of “isolation baking”. The only positive thing that the pandemic has done.

    1. You sound like me Teresa, I have done the same. Though I do wonder whether the pandemic and me becoming a housewife was a coincidence. lol Thank you.

    2. The shaping looks similar to Chelsea buns which I have made but only once or twice. I like cinnamon though so maybe I should look for a recipe.

    3. I have heard of Chelsea buns, I will have to look them up. There are lots of recipes out there. I might see if I can plan a post around making some with yeast as well. I did put a link to the recipe I used for the sourdough. Thanks RJ

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