Making some changes to my time-lapse

I’ve been out in the city doing some time-lapse videos. It is quite a process and takes quite a bit of time, but I do think they are so much better than the ones I’ve done in the past.

On Friday I went into the city and did heaps more around peak hour that night and then some after dark.

This last lot wasn’t as easy. I found my Fujifilm camera doing some strange things. I was doing them all in manual mode but then I would get one image that was really bright and the rest not quite as bright. I had to do some work to make them all look the same. No idea why that happened.

I took 11 different ones on Friday and it took a long time to load, process, resize and then do the time-lapse videos. I do love the final result. I think this is one of the best that I have done so far and would like to try doing more in the future.

I have taken the one I did last week and changed a couple of things, then I added all the ones I did on Friday. I hope you like it.

To do these I was using my 3 Legged Thing tripod Bucky, my Fujifilm X-S10, the Tamron 11-20mm lens and my Formatt Hitech filters.

If you are interested in finding out how I do these, let me know and I will see if I can do a blog post on it.

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  1. these are really nice. looks like hours and hours of work! i espcially like the night time city ones.

  2. It’s very fine work! The street corner with the LED Barbie advertisement sign seems to me to work best bc it has a max of visual interest in the movement of the humans and the frenetic changing of the sign itself. It reminds me of the NYC scenes in Koyaanisqatsi. But it’s all great, and I love the wind ripples on the water, too.

    1. Thank you, I picked out the Barbie sign too. Interesting. I like that frenetic pace, almost like how we view our lives. I like the water ripples too.

  3. This looks realy professional Leanne, my compliments ! Have a nice sunday and many greets from Antwerp (Belgium)

    1. Thank you Rudi, I’ve been trying to do them for a few years now, but I think I have finally worked out how to get better results.

  4. These are fun to watch. I like the city ones a lot, seeing things change really fast.

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