Tasmania – Day 6, Bruny Island Cruises


Today’s post is a little late. I got home last night and it took me a couple of hours to go through the 700+ photos I took yesterday on the boat cruise around the southern end of Bruny Island. I kept getting distracted by Masterchef. I decided to get up early this morning and do it.

We went to Bruny Island yesterday to do a boat cruise. The weather forecast was for rain, 90% apparently and it was raining on the way there as well. We had dressed warmly, thermals, everything. A couple of days ago we spoke to a woman who had done it and she said you would get cold, so we put as much on as we could fit. They do give you a massive raincoat type of thing that is great and good to wear.


I wanted to take photos, but in the end decided to leave the camera bag in the car and just carry the Nikon D750 with the 28-300mm lens. Of course, that also meant the camera would be vulnerable to sea spray and rain mist, so I made sure the camera was wrapped inside a camera raincoat. It was a very good move.


You do get to see some amazing rock formations and strange things in the rocks, well caves and gaps.


This spot had an underwater cave and as the waves roll in you get this amazing spray coming out of the cave. It was incredible.


The destination was to see these guys, the fur seals. They are all the males and they do like to put on a show. They were great.

bruny-island-southcoast-cliffs-cruise-4722This one had climbed up the cliff, the king of the mountain. Look in the gallery and see if you can see him sitting high above the others.


There is no doubt that you see some incredible sights.


As we were getting back to Adventure Bay a rainbow was showing its colours. We saw a few when we were out, but this one was lovely.

The cruise was incredible. I loved it. They take very good care of everyone and, as you can imagine, the fear of seasickness was on everyone’s mind. I felt great. The sea was rough and a few people were sick, but not me.. Would love to experience it in rougher conditions.

One thing I thought they did really well was stopping at the places to take photos and moving the boat so it didn’t matter which side you sat on you would see what they were showing you. They really considered those with cameras and what they wanted to take photos of. I think, however, if I were to do it again I would sit on the right side of the boat.

If you do the Bruny Island Cruise, you will get wet, you are on the open ocean and there will be sea spray. Consider how to keep your camera dry. They take care of you by giving you a raincoat that covers you from head to foot, but your camera is your responsibility. I found the staff wonderful and very helpful. They make sure you are okay and enjoying yourself. I can understand why they have won so many awards.

I have more photos for you now. There is a lot, but really only a small selection of what we saw.

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  1. Very very nice Leanne Thx for taking me along on this trip with you!

    1. Thank you Rod, glad you have been enjoying it, the weather was kind of what we expected, it was winter, but you do what you can, now I get to write about it.

    1. Good way of describing it Peter. They did tell us about the rock, apparently most of it is dolerite, so sub volcanic rock, I hope you know what that is. Thank you Peter.

  2. Spectacular shots. I am always amazed at the crystal clear sharpness of them. Do you use a tripod for all of your shots or are many of them hand held? The lighting is also perfect.

    1. Thank you, for these I was on a moving boat, so had to hand hold them. I was surprised at how many came out. I only use a tripod if I absolutely have to.

  3. Wow those are amazing photos! The first one of the rock formations looks like statues, it reminded me of Easter Island. The second one looks like the head of a crocodile and on top looks like it’s eye…boy the fur seals were funny. In that first shot he looks like he’s posing for you and enjoying every second of it. What a fantastic cruise!

    1. You’re most welcome and thank you…I love it when you can “see” things in a picture. I often wonder what the photographer is seeing and if it’s different when the actual picture is viewed from what was seen through the lens. Beautiful shots!! 🙂

    2. I always find it interesting to see what others see in my images. It is nice when they help me see something else, so thank you Deb.

  4. Wow, such a wild and beautiful landscape. The rock colors and forms are amazing. I likely would have become ill from the wave action. Fantastic trip for you!!

    1. It is very wild John. Yes, a couple of others did, though they did give everyone ginger tablets first, I was fine. Thank you.

  5. Fantastic post, Leanne. I can feel your excitement! Now you know why we love that part of the Tassie coast! Great series of shots… Make sure you clean your lens and remember salt is abrasive so use plenty of cleaning fluid!

    1. You know, I have to say, I loved being able to photograph the cliffs from the water, it was quite amazing. Thanks Chris, I had the camera covered up the whole time, so it should be fine.

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