MIFGS – Struman macro lens


One of the things that I love about visiting the MIFGS each year is catching up with the Struman Optics team and their lenses. This year I’ve been playing with a new macro lens for my phone.


MIFGS – Struman macro lens

I put up a photo on my Facebook page the other day and a few people asked if I could give them more information.

There have been other posts about these lenses, but I can give you a little bit of information. They are special lenses that you can use on your phone. They attach with either a clip or a special phone cover. The covers are only available for some phones, and since I now have the Google Pixel 3 I have to use the clip with the lens.

Clip Vs Cover

When I greeted them on the first day I was given a new lens that they have. It is a macro, but you don’t get as close as you do with the one that comes in the kit with the three lenses.

I went out with two clips, and both macros in them. I loved how I could keep them in my pocket and change between them. When I had a Samsung phone the cover was great, but now that I have to used the clips I can see how much of an advantage they are. So much easier to switch between the lenses.

The clip has been improved and it fits on the phone so much better now. I have to admit I was really surprised at how much I liked it.

Taking macro photos

It was great being able to walk around with the phone and macro lens for it. This new one was a little different and you can’t get as close as you can with the other one. However, I don’t think it mattered too much and I really liked what I was getting with it.

The clarity is incredible. In some cases, I was getting better photos with it than I was with DSLR.

The flower and garden show is the perfect place to experiment with macro lenses. There are so many flowers to try them out on. I went yesterday and used it a lot.

At this stage, the weather is going to bad, so I won’t be back until Sunday.


Here is a selection of photos I took with my phone using the Struman Optics macro lens.


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  1. Beautiful. You’ve nudged me to order a clip-on. I was also surprised recently by the quality of a modern phone when compared to slightly older cameras.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the phones have improved a lot. The photos on my Pixel 3 are always a constant surprise, they are so good and the camera in it is really good. The clip on is great, I love it.

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