Monchrome Madness – Florals with no colour


This week, again, I’ve gone through my photos to find ones that I have processed before in monochrome. I’m still on the fence about flowers in black and white, but I think it would be great to experiment more. As the garden is blooming more, I am going to try experimenting with it more and more.

I suspect I am going to be doing a lot of macro and flower photography this summer. I hate photography in summer, so flowers would be perfect. Expect to see a lot more.

I hope you enjoy the gallery.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome-Madness, as then I can use the reader to see what you post.

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  1. Flowers are color and that’s beautiful, but in B&W we experience the shapes, the textures, the light, and as icelandpenny says, the sculptures. You have done marvelously well to bring that side of the floral world to life.

  2. I think you may have outdone yourself. These are all just astounding. The luminance is amazing. Have you ever seen any of Edward Weston’s work? He did a lot of still lifes and was a real master of monochrome. Your photos remind me a bit of his.

    1. Thank you so much Tim. No I haven’t seen his work, I will have to look him up. I really want to get into doing more still life during the summer.
      Just went and had a look, wow, his work is stunning.

  3. I usually don’t like robbing flowers of their colours but I gave it a go. I like your dark visions of blooms.

  4. B&W is one solution, photographing flowers very early or in the evening, when the light is much softer, is an other solution for making macro shots during summertime. But you can not compare them, B&W is so different from color and deserve both their place in photography.

    1. I try to do that in that light, but many flowers here don’t open up until the sun comes out so that makes it hard. I do hate sun on them though and have a diffuser to help stop that. I agree, thank you Rudi.

  5. I like to take pics under a bright sunny sky as well as the occasional gray days. Your work is always wonderful, Leanne! 🥰🇦🇺

  6. I think these are beautiful in black and white, Leanne–especially your first photo. So delicate.

  7. White flowers against a dark background can be interesting in black & white, but I don’t otherwise like landscapes or flowers in monochrome. Probably because flowers ARE color, the essence of it. But — white flowers are different.

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean Marilyn, but in some way in monochrome you get to see the form and textures more without the distraction of colour. I don’t know, I’m sitting on the fence. I will keep doing them and see hwo I go. Thank you Marilyn.

    1. I like that idea Penny, I think b&w makes you look at the textures and shapes so much more, but the sculpture idea is pure genius.

  8. I love florals in black and white. You can focus on the veins and folds and intricate patterns and not be disturbed by the colour 😉

  9. Leanne, these are beautiful in black and white. You not only see, but you can feel, the texture of the petals. Color tends to have the viewer concentrate on the colors instead.

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