Monochrome Madness #6 – Everyday Objects

The theme this week is brought to us by Sarah from the blog Travel with Me and her choice is Everyday Objects. I thought this would be interesting.

I had all these plans to take some photos of everyday objects around the house, but well plans hey. They didn’t happen.

Then I had this thought. I remembered some glass bottles I photographed when I was in Bodie.

So maybe they aren’t really everyday objects now, but they were once. So I thought I might look at those objects that were everyday in the 19th century.

First off I have some of them from Bodie, the ghost town in California. I really like the way they are sort of just imprisoned in time, if that is the right way to put it. I wonder if one day you won”t be able to see them because they will have so much dust on them.

I’m sure lots of people have similar images from Bodie.

The next ones were taken in the same year but from a place I have known my whole life in a town I spent a lot of time when I was growing up and that would be Swan Hill. This is a small city in the North of Victoria. The place we were visiting was the Pioneer Settlement. I think the name says it all.

I must say I got the name wrong when I was renaming them. The photos are not from Sovereign Hill, which is a very similar type of place but in Ballarat.

It isn’t a ghost town, but rather a place that was made to showcase what the region looked like back in the 19th century around the time Swan Hill was first settled.

This place has been set up very well and you get an idea of how many places would have been. Of course, they are all full of what would have been everyday objects. I wonder how many times I can say that in a post?

I have one more set of photos. These were taken more recently when I went to Phillip Island with a couple of friends. We visited Chisholm Island. On there is an old homestead that has been made to look like how it was when it was first settled there.

When you walk from room to room you can see lots of the objects that were used everyday all through it.

I think I love the shoes.

It is interesting to see some very plain things, then the more upper class items for the owners. It is a wonderful place to visit and see. The farmyard is great too.

So there are my everyday objects from over a hundred years ago. I hope that fits the brief as well Sarah.

I would like to thank Sarah for being our host this week. Don’t forget to go and check out her post on her blog Travel with Me.

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  1. Thanks for joining in Leanne 😀 These are great and you’ve given them a real antique feel in your editing. I was especially interested in the Bodie shots as we’re hoping to go there on our California trip later this year. But my favourites are the first and last, the shoes and the hat and gloves

  2. Dear Leanne
    thanks for showing your fine pictures. Everyday objects immediately look arty in BW.
    We like the choice of objects as well.
    Warm greetings from the cold sea
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. These all.look great in black and white Leanne. Bodie sounds a bit like Gwalia which is another ghost mining town about 6 hours north of Perth. I’ve also visited that homestead on Philip Island. I was lucky going to the park and the idea just came to me, so didn’t have to trawl through my archives.

    2. YOu have me intrigued Alison. I knew there were ghost towns but no idea where. I will have to try and remember it. I will have to look it up. Chisholm Island is a nice place. Thank you Alison.

    1. Thank you John, have you been to Bodie in California? Maybe you can one day, though you wouldn’t be allowed to bring a gun, sorry, our laws are very strict here.

    2. Nope, never been there, I tend to avoid California these days. You can still purchase guns here but you must go through a serious screening period first which is good. I went into a party store the other day and saw a guy carying his pistol in a holster. Nevada is an Open Carry state. I don’t worry about those folks, it’s the crazies with an unregistered gun that scare me. I used to have a concealed carry permit in Michigan years ago but have sold all the guns before moving to Nevada.

    3. I think Bodie is just over the border from Nevada, from my memory anyway. Guns scare the heck out of me and I think most Australians agree that we are really happy that we aren’t allowed to have them. I am really happy you don’t have them anymore John.

    4. I can make a photo trip of going there for you! I enjoyed owning those items, fun too. The battle over these items is a heated battle here.

    5. I have followed the news for there about them and how contentious the argument is. I just wonder how many people would still be alive if there weren’t guns in their homes. Don’t go for me John, but you might like it.

    6. I must agree with you, Leanne. Probably many people would still be with us. The items kill, not the human but that doesn’t really matter… but then the hum does too. It’s such a terrible thing.

    7. It is, we often hear about people having an argument and then one will pull out a gun and shoot the other one. It is terrifying. Especially so when you hear kids doing it. I also think that every parent of a school shooter should be charged too. How did these kids get the guns?

    8. Who knows, maybe the irresponsible parent didn’t lock the gun in a safe like I used to. Take away all the guns, the killing won’t stop. Many people have a nice collection of knives in their kitchens. Hammers, tools can be weapons too. It seems that man has been killing man since the dawn of time, so why are we such a violent specie?

    9. The only thing is that it is a lot harder to kill people with those other items. A gun sort of removes you from the situation, it takes a second to pull the trigger and kill someone. To stab someone you might have to do it multiple times. It is also far more personal. It is really hard, i would imagine, to push a knife into a person. Most people can’t stand the idea of injecting a needle, so a knife. We have a low murder rate. Though we did have a guy go crazy in Bondi last week, I think it was, that stabbed a number of people in a shopping centre. He killed 6. He was Schizophrenia apparently and had gone off his meds. Imagine how many people he would have killed if he had a gun. Scary. I would prefer people have knives and not guns. I had a look at murder rates, and in the US the rate is 6.4 per 100k and Australia is 0.8 per 100k. I’m sure the lack of guns here has a lot to do with the low number. We do things like poison people with poisonous mushrooms.

    10. That’s sad. Poor guy but he should be kept out of public areas. The problem with a disarmed society is that crooks don’t play by the rules. I grew up around guns and deer hunting. Imagine walking into a party store and seeing a guy with a pistol in a holster. That doesn’t scare me. He is carrying legally.

    11. Well we have dismantled our mental health facilities, so people who really need help don’t get it. But don’t you see John, we have a disarmed society and we feel safe and in fact our crime rates per capita are well below the US, so it is better. I would be terrified to see people just walking around with guns. You don’t know them, you don’t know what their mental state that day is. Maybe he did pass those tests, but does he keep getting tested. We have these working with children checks here. If you are going to work with children you ahve to get one, however, all they tell you is that the person hasn’t been caught, as we found out. They don’t tell you the person won’t sexually assault your child, it just says as far as the police know they haven’t. Same with the guy with the gun. Maybe he has been through a lot in the last few days and one more thing to go wrong could set him off. Here he might get mad and break a few things, but there if he has a gun in his holster he might just pull it out and shoot that person. No, give me a disarmed society any day. Plus the criminals here don’t obey the rules either, but we still have a lower crime rate.

    12. Americans love their guns and won’t give them up without a fight, Leanne. The Democrats here have been trying to make gun control tougher and for years but it makes no difference. I am glad that I do have one anymore.

    13. I have got the impression they love them. When you hear how many school shootings there are, I think gun control is necessary. We have never had a school shooting in Australia. I mean there have been a couple in universities, but never a high school. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must be for parents sending kids to school and hoping they will see them at the end of the day. I’m glad you don’t have one anymore as well John.

  3. Great post Leanne. I’m glad you’re doing Monochrome Madness. I don’t do any challenges but LAPC, but I will try to get into the habit of this challenge also.

    1. Thank you Anne. I’m glad to be getting back into it as well. I like that I have to think in black and white at least once a week. I’m so happy to have you join us when you can. I will get to your post soon. I’m running behind in everything this week.

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