Floral Friday


Floral Friday

A poppy from Alowyn Gardens. Taking photos of it last week and watching the bees having a great time.

I was using the Lensbaby Velvet 85 again, I’m really starting to fall in love with that lens. It is going to be very hard sending it back. As I was photographing the flowers I captured this bee hovering over the top. Didn’t know I had it until I got home and saw it on the computer. I don’t know if I could have planned it better.


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  1. Lovely photo with the bee hovering over the poppy, Leanne! For a while we still enjoy the odd flower and the fall colours as we are heading into winter in the northern hemisphere. I am looking forward to seeing more flowers in your blog, as we will be seeing less here.

    • Thank you Peter.That’s nice to hear Peter, though we don’t get as many in summer as other places, the gardens here tend to close down for summer, too hot. I will see what I can do though.

  2. Always good to get a ‘bonus bug!’ 🙂

  3. So … this is a macro lens? Or does it do various things? They make one for the Olympus 4/3, but i think it doesn’t have auto-focus and my eyes really aren’t good enough without autofocus. But it certainly makes a beautiful macro!

    • I think they advertise it more as a portrait lens, but I’ve been using it for macro. It is manual focus, sorry to say. I’ve got very used to it now, so it doesn’t bother me. Thank you Marilyn.

  4. Leanne, your wonderful images make we craving for a Lensbaby velvet lens, I imagine that it can become addictive. What are the differences of the two you have?

  5. Jerry

    Super neat image! Were you shooting at VERY fast shutter speed to ‘stop’ the wings?

  6. Wow, Leanne! Awesome photo.

  7. The poppy looks so rich. I find that I get ‘accidental’ insects sometimes too. Accidents lead to trying to pay attention to the presence of the insects next time so they can have better focus and complement the rest of the photographic subject.

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