Monochrome Madness – Back to Black and White

Monochrome Madness - Back to Black and White

So it is back to Monochrome Madness, I always loved that name, and with it a colour image that I converted to black and white.

From colour to black and white

The image I have for you today is one I had already processed in colour and when I was looking for an image to use I saw it. As I looked at it I wondered if it would work well in monochrome as well.

The original was posted in the post called Silent Sunday – Storm Clouds.

I loved the clouds so much and it was a good experiment to do the image in monochrome as well. If you ask me the monochrome one works better and the clouds look so good in it.

As I often do I did add a tone to it. I’m in love with them. I find they add something, and in the case of this image, it adds menace or danger.

Really, the clouds are just so amazing, and I wish I saw more like it.

Monochrome Madness - Back to Black and White

Monochrome Madness

I made the decision to go back to using that name. It seems like a good name for it, and I hope you agree.

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate, especially if you enjoy the monochrome images. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging no reason why you can’t post your own. I like this challenge and it is nice to be thinking in monochrome again.

Monochrome Madness – Back to Black and White

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