Silent Sunday – Storm Clouds

Silent Sunday - Storm Clouds

Silent Sunday – Storm Clouds

This morning I went into the city to take some photos with my friend Steve and we saw some incredible storm clouds that I thought would be good for Silent Sunday.

Silent Sunday – Storm Clouds

I do have to admit that I stuffed up a bit this morning. I completely forgot that daylight savings started last night and so my alarm went off at the wrong time. The time I woke up, I realised, was the time I was meant to be leaving. We had hoped to get sunrise, but thankfully there wasn’t one, so I don’t feel so bad about missing it.

The weather was going to be really warm and that usually means no clouds, but there were a lot of them. We were taking long exposures and after a while, we could see the most amazing clouds appearing. It was time to take off the filters and just capture the clouds.

They looked so stormy, but storms weren’t predicted. There wasn’t even any rain on the forecast. It was strange. We enjoyed photographing them.

Taking the image

I took the image with the Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF10-24mm lens. Can I just say how much I am loving that camera. We walked around a heap and it was a pleasure taking it with me. My back didn’t ache once.

A tripod was used and I took Billy, my 3 Legged Thing tripod with me. It is the smaller one, and since it was windy I was worried it wouldn’t be heavy enough, but it did alright.

So here is one of the images I took. It is the storm clouds over the top of the Webb Bridge. I hope you are having a great Sunday.


Silent Sunday - Storm Clouds

7 Responses

  1. The clouds gave a unique perspective to this city

  2. I used to watch the storms run across the prairies. This has reminded me of home. Thanks so much for this beautiful image.

  3. Excellent mix of photos! Family time was obviously fun. Hope to see you soon!

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