Monochrome Madness – The first Apostle

I have found another Apostle to show you today for Monochrome Madness. At the moment this one and one a bit further around are much harder to see.

They are doing work at the viewing platforms at the 12 Apostles and you can’t see the two that are on the left. If you want to see them you have to go to Gibson Steps and even then you can only see them at low tide.

At Gibson Steps there are steps that take you down to the beach and the base of the cliffs. From there you can walk along and see the two Apostles that are separated from the rest.

I have only been down the steps once and the tide was coming in and we had to be quick. Other times the gates have been closed and you couldn’t go down.

When I was in the area recently you could go down, but the steps are hard and the ladies didn’t want to. The steps were done before OH&S so they are big. If you are short they are hard to go down, and then back up. I went halfway down and took this shot.

I usually don’t like people in my photos, but I think the person at the bottom really gives a good idea of scale and how big they are.

I am determined to get down there again, so I am hoping when I go again later in the year I will be able to.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome-Madness, as then I can use the reader to see what you post. Also, use the tag mid-week monochrome to catch Bren’s as well.

I’m afraid I don’t use Social Media much anymore, but maybe tag it #monochromemadness for Instagram and I will try and look. That would be brilliant.


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    1. Thank you Suzanne, I like that idea of it being a sailing ship, maybe the ghost of one that was wrecked along there. I will check out yours soon.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you think it was a good idea to leave the person there, they are so big. I will check out yours soon. I don’t know when Bren posts, perhaps she is taking time off.

  1. so much drama under that brooding sky, the eye is drawn to ‘the apostle’ almost out of fear for its safety [of course the tide line in front of it draws the eye naturally there because so well framed]

  2. Your Monochromatic photography at its best has a raw power that is missing from your full color images.

    1. That is an interesting observation Brian, I would have thought that I wasn’t very good at it. Gives me something to think about. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, the person is very small. I usually get rid of people from my photos but I realised that it really added a good sense of scale so had to leave it. The climb really does do that, especially when the steps are really large. Thank you.

  3. It seems that you could be in big trouble if you stay on the beach too long. Beautiful photo, Leanne. ❤️🇦🇺

    1. Oh yes, you would be, though I think they close the steps at high tide so people can’t get down there. Thank you John.

  4. I really like the way the light works on this sea stack, though. Dare I ask if that’s how it was or did you use your immense editing ability to highlight that?

    1. I also don’t mean it’s less a photo if you help it, by any means. I hope my question didn’t come across as insulting! 😀

      I was just curious about the conditions when you took it. I loved the way the light hit it, even if it was far(ther) away…

    2. I didn’t think that at all Matt, I knew you were just curious. No not insulting at all. I totally get what you were curious about and with my images you just never know.

    3. Always no problem asking, it is when people start telling me what I should do with my images that I get snappy about. lol

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