New Zealand Wanderings Day 12 – Dunedin Train


A train ride was on the agenda for Day 12 of our New Zealand Wanderings. We spent the morning in the city looking at the architecture and having breakfast. At lunchtime, we boarded a train for the Taieri Gorge.


New Zealand Wanderings Day 12 – Dunedin Train

This is going to be quick today. I am starting to feel a bit tired and I need to sit. It was another big day with us photographing things around Dunedin this morning. We didn’t get as much as we wanted as we had to head to the train station at lunchtime to catch our train.

We booked tickets for the Taieri Gorge Railway. When we got there, I have to say I was impressed with the station, but not so much with the train we were going on.

As it turned out the train ride was great. The carriage we were in was an older one, but the beauty of it was that it had places on either end which allowed us to stand outside to take photos. It was at the end of the train on the way out, but not coming back.

As we travelled to the gorge I stood outside quite a bit, but then headed in. There didn’t seem a lot of point coming back as the locomotive was now in front of us.

It was very relaxing. Love travelling on trains.


You will have to wait for the architectural shots until I get home. However, I have processed some of the train trip for you.  Not too many. I took about 400 photos on the train, and have narrowed it down to 10.

Working on photos with the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 is great, but I like my 27-inch monitor when I am doing more detailed work. The Wacom is fantastic for travelling, however.

Tomorrow we leave Dunedin. Can’t believe we only have 5 more sleeps here.

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