Pre-planning trips, or trying too

How many times have you gone somewhere to take photos and then realised that it was the wrong time of the day, or the wrong season, or the wrong something?

For me, it was wrong weather and wrong tides.

Day Trip to San Remo

I have been to San Remo many times, but there is one place there that I have heard about a lot though never been.

San Remo is like the gateway to Phillip Island. It is not the first time I’ve taken photos around the area. It is a beautiful spot. I usually end up going over the bridge to Phillip Island, however.

One spot I’ve been meaning to get to but hadn’t before is Cadillac Canyon.

Cadillac Canyon

It is a rocky part of the beach down there. It has some canyon like things in it so the water rushes through it. It is an interesting spot. I’ve been close to it but never been down the steps.

It is a long way down the steps and then you have to walk along the beach to get to it. I hate walking on sand, it is so hard. Okay maybe if I got fitter it would be better.

So I finally get down there and it is a beautiful sunny day, almost no clouds in the sky. That is never what I want, but I knew it would be a scouting day. It was my first look, and I know not my last.

It is a common story, but you have to do what you can. So I took photos.

Now, you can see where I was in this week’s video, Cadillac Canyon, one of those iconic places. There are lots of waves crashing on rocks and the beach. You also get to see the steps.

So, I have spoken to some people and worked out the best time of day and when the tides are best, so I will be going back soon.

Here are a few of the photos from that trip.


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  1. Very nice. Love the interactive dynamics of “serious” surf and a rocky shoreline. Looking forward to your next trip and seeing the “steps.”

  2. I’m glad that you went down the steps, Leanne, the photos are beautiful! Walking in sand is great for your feet… πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ˜Ž

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