Photo Challenge 7 – WILDLIFE

Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot to post about the photo challenge yesterday. It is photo challenge number 7 and I was so carried away with other things yesterday that I didn’t let you guys know that it is Wildlife this week.

Photo Challenge 7 – WILDLIFE

I suppose it would be easy to think that photographing wildlife would mean doing it out in the wild. However, for this challenge, I’m not opposed to images taken in Zoos and Sanctuary. For many of us, that’s the only chance we really get to see wild animals.

Photographing animals and birds in captivity can introduce you to a whole new set of challenges, so I say, go for it.

Once again, participate only if you want too.

Now the pingbacks aren’t really working, so I suggest if you do a post that you leave a comment with the link in it, and I will approve it.

If you are on Facebook there is a special group for sharing your photos, it is LCP Photo Challenge, and if you would like to join click here.

As always, your interpretation. Do what you want.


I’ve been to the zoo many times over the years to photograph the animals there. Being a member really helps and means I can go any time I want to take photos. It is very challenging. Especially, if you don’t take the right lens or have one that will get you as close as you would like. I always seem to find that I can’t get close enough, but that could just be me.

It helps that I have a friend who loves going and she goes so many times a year that I often tag along. I haven’t done that in while. This challenge is making me think that maybe it is time I went back for another visit.

Here is a selection of images that I have got over the last 3 years.

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    1. No worries. Cheers for having me.

      I probably should have shared more than one photo, just to show the motion. I’d never seen an ibis bathe before.

      It was fine.

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