Photographing my birthday flowers

Yeah, it was my birthday last week and since both my daughters were unable to be with me my youngest organised to have some flowers sent to me. She said it was so I could take photos of them.

So that is what I did.

I did a small setup in my lounge room. I had the flowers up on my dining room table and I got my camera set up on my tripod. I used both Fujifilm cameras, the X-T3 and the X-S10, but with different lenses.

The first three photos were taken with the X-T3 and the 80mm macro lens. It is about to go back to Fujifilm Australia so I got some more photos with it before it leaves for good.

The last two photos were taken with the X-S10 and I had the Lensbaby Composer Pro II on it with the Sweet 50 optics in it. I have also purchased some close up filters for it as well, a 1+, 2+, and a 4+. I put all three on the Sweet 50, so I think that makes it 7+. It was interesting. I will have to do a lot more experimenting with it, or maybe what I really need is practice. Yeah, I need to practice a lot more.

So now I have these photos of the flowers, I will be able to remember them forever. They were such a beautiful surprise.

Take care everyone. We can catch up soon.

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