Photos from Sorrento and a Catch Up

It has been a busy time trying to get the magazine out for people ready to read, but it was done and now I can breath a little before I have to get on with other things. Don’t forget to buy your copy.

Book – The Six Seasons of My Backyard

Book on Banyule Flats

It is now time to get stuck into the book and get it finished. I have everything, pretty much that I need now, so one final push and it should be ready for publication.

It has been a long road, but so worth it, and quite an interesting experience. I do hope those waiting for it won’t mind waiting just a little longer.


I wanted to mention this again, I’ve been working on it a lot more. There are a couple of different options for those that would like a chance to be mentored by me. The page I have set up has a description of what mentoring is for those of you that are unsure.

I’ve had quite a few people wanting to do one on one’s with me, really, they just want to spend time with me and talk, so I thought maybe others would like that opportunity.

With mentoring I critique photos and help you work out what direction you want to go. You can ask me as many questions as you have over the month, and for some, the opportunity to skype with me and just talk.

When I was at University doing my fine arts degree we would have private tutorials with lecturers, also artists who would advice and guide us, and mentoring does much the same.

If you would like to be mentored by me, then go to this link.


As I said a couple of weeks again, I am going to start moving photos onto this blog, so I have some photos taken in 2014 from Sorrento.  I hope you either enjoy them for the first time, or enjoy seeing them again.

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  1. all are such wonderful shots, especially like the night and stars…. but also the ‘dragons head’ also for me!

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