Playing with Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central Tower from Below

If you live in Melbourne, then you know that Melbourne Central is basically a shopping centre, very similar to lots of others, however, there is also a massive skyscraper that comes out from it as well.  I haven’t photographed it very much, but recently when I was on a trip to the city doing a One on One with someone, when we stopped to have something to eat and review some photos.This is what I saw when I looked up.

Melbourne Central Tower from BelowI have done a lot of work to it, in some ways, but compared to some other images not much at all.  I’ve been looking at a lot of work by Mabry Campbell this week and I am feeling very inspired to try and go back into the city and see what sort of images I can get.  I thought I might just go into the city try taking some photos of some of the buildings in there, see what I can find.

Finding photographers who you really like and can follow is always fantastic.  Mabry has inspired me also to start using Flickr more, so I have been adding photos to my Flickr account, if you are interested in seeing it.  I don’t have many photos there yet, but I will be adding lots more over the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to going through my old photos again and seeing what I have.  I’m sure I will be embarassed by a lot of them.

I am also planning on doing more video tutorials as well, speeding some up.  I really enjoy looking at them sped up.  I don’t know if I will continue doing the longer versions for people to buy, will see.

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