Port Arthur Historic Site in Infrared


Just recently I showed you the images I took at Port Arthur with my normal camera, the Nikon D800. Here is the post so you can look at it, Port Arthur Historical Site in colour. At the time I did the post I said that I had also done a heap of images with the infrared camera as well. 

It is amazing how the images come out. I love what the infrared does to the sandstone that the buildings are made of. Then there is the effect of IR on the trees and everything that is living. It turns it all into winter, which is something I really like. Perhaps the eternal landscape after a nuclear fallout. I don’t know, but I am addicted to the way it all looks.

It gives everything such a moody feeling. I love the look of the images. There is something ancient about the images, and they don’t appear like normal black and white images.

I know that snow doesn’t look exactly like this, but I like to think it could be. The winter scene here at Port Arthur. It would have been a dismissal place for the convicts.

The stone work really stands out in the ruins of the buildings that were there. This was the old hospital at Port Arthur.

Without a doubt the thing that IR photographs well is trees, the more wood you see on the tree the better the image.

I’ve also been experimenting with hand colouring them as well. I still have a lot of experimenting to do, but it is nice to play around with something different.

Infrared has been great for me, and I really like the challenge of trying something new. I’m starting to get a better understanding of what I can do with it. Tasmania was fantastic for it and I used it in many places. The hand colouring is new as well and it has been interesting exploring it and what I can do. What works, what doesn’t.

I have more photos for you to see. Don’t forget you can also go and look at the colour images of the site here in this post, Port Arthur Historical Site in colour.

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  1. Hey Leanne I like these and will try it for myself as soon as I can figure out how to get my old camera into Infrared. Actually thinking about It I think I remember how to do it so am going to have a look at it now. Fantastic shots and the hand colouring sounds great. How about an article on how to do it? Ron

  2. These images are pure magic I absolutely love them … beautiful work ❤️👏

    1. I was going to do it about 4 or so years ago when I had two spares, then I sold one and forgot about it, the I got another camera from a friend, so thought, why not. So I think when you are really ready you will do it. Thank you Disperser.

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