Reversing the Processes


Monochrome Madness is happening again on my other blog and this week I thought I would try reversing the processes again, so I picked my image and processed it as a black and white shot.


Once I was happy and knew that this is the image I wanted to do for Monochrome Madness this week, I think I saved it, and resized it for MM38.  I felt good about this image so I went back to the saved full size image and then reversed the process that I had used to make it a colour image.


I am really starting to like this reverse processing.  It gives the colours an interesting feel, or something like that.  It over saturates them slightly, and can give the whole image a surreal feel.  Though it doesn’t look much different to the original one that I did.

It is proving to be an interesting thing to do.  I have done it on some other images, but it hasn’t always worked out so well and can look a mess.  I think it is something I will have to keep mucking around with.

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