Weekend Wandering – Moonlit Sanctuary


There hasn’t been a Weekend Wandering post for quite a while, but yesterday I went to Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale. It was my first visit and I suspect I will be back. Seemed like a good place to do a Weekend Wandering article for.


Weekend Wandering – Moonlit Sanctuary

It is never good to see animals in cages, but after talking to some of the staff you can hear how passionate they are about helping them. You also learn why many of them are now there.

It is quite large but easy to walk around and you can get up close to some of the animals. They ask if you would like to buy some wallaby and kangaroo food, you should say yes. The animals will come looking for it, and when they do you can pat them.

It would be a great place to take overseas visitors so they can get a good look at our native animals.

Training show

There are a couple of shows each day, but we only did the training show that was at 11 am. They use the session to get some of the animals used to the shows. They use different ones each day.

We got to see a Spotted Quoll enjoying eating peanut butter out of a container, the first image. Then we saw a barking owl they were trying to get used to being around people. It was great to see the owl up close.


They have fantastic eyes. Very alert birds too and they are constantly looking around at what is happening.

The sanctuary

There is a wetland area where you would be able to see different birds throughout the year. There was a great selection there today. Seeing the Cape Barren Goslings was cute too.

Some of the birds are in cages, which is a challenge to photograph. Trying to get the camera to focus through the wire was hard, but for some images it was easy. There were a couple though that the camera would focus on the birds.

Overall it was a great place to visit.

Here is a gallery with more images.

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    1. Suzzanna found it, she is good at looking for places like that. Yes, you can get very close to some of them, and they do a lot of wildlife encounters. They run ones at night too so you can see the nocturnal animals doing their thing.

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