Right now it is all about the garden

Spring has sprung and it is full speed ahead for the garden getting it ready for summer.

I’m working on a video about it right now, but needless to say I have been out there a lot. New garden beds, veggies to plant, planning, and lots of other stuff.

The flowers are going mad and they are taking over in the front garden. I mean the weeds are too, but really you see the flowers more. I like it. I think it looks like a wildflower garden except they aren’t wildflowers.

So this is a quick post today and I have done some photos to show you the flowers. There are lots to choose from. I love that there is. I can remember a few years ago when there wasn’t much out there at all. It is nice that it has changed.

I will let you know when the video is ready. The garden has changed a lot and I’m excited to show it to you.

So please enjoy this floral display.

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    1. Great, I usually get nice sunset photos from in front of the house or the backyard. Enjoy your spring! We are of course heading into winter here, but it never gets deep cold here all winter. A wonderful winter climate.

    2. It is nice if you can them from your house. We are on a hill so we get a good view which is nice. Thank you, I’m loving the weather right now. Yeah, compared to many places we don’t get much of a winter really, but I suspect it is colder than yours.

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