Winter in the Garden

It has been so cold around here and we have had so many frosts. It is surprising that anything is growing, but growing it is.


There is often no flowers, or very few, at this time of the year, but it seems the early onset of Autumn and winter has brought many of the bulbs out. I was shocked when I walked out this morning to see the Irises flowering already.

I suspect because I did quite a bit of work in the garden over summer that that could be helping a lot.  Plus all the rain we have been having. I haven’t had to do much watering at all which is a bonus.

A lady walking past the house the other day did see me doing some watering and wanted to know why I was watering when we have had so much rain. I had to explain I was just watering a few things. Things that I want to keep alive and that we hadn’t had any rain for a few days.

It is good to see that I can save some money on water this year.

A Garden Update

Some things have been changing out in the garden and I decided it was time to do a video update to show you. I have uploaded it to the YouTube channel that I started for this.

I changed the name of this YouTube channel for fun. Though, I’m sure it want get looked at a lot. It is nice to keep it separated from the other one.

Getting out the Macro

While I was out videoing the garden I could see that there were a few flowers out there so I put on the macro lens and headed out. I don’t do this enough, but it was nice wandering around. Of course once you get the camera out then you just keep seeing more and more flowers.

I have a gallery of images for you. They are selected bunch from the garden. The lilies are looking gorgeous and there are going to be so many and I might have to plan a few different sessions with them.

I hope you enjoy the photos and video. We can talk soon.


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  1. Enjoyed your garden tour. I would characterize your winter as being kind of mid-spring here in Colorado … it’s okay during the day, but gets cold at night with varying amounts of frost. Of course, you don’t get the late winter storms with snow like how we have. Squirrels are our “problem,” but they tend to go after fruit when it begins to ripen. One way to control them is a fruit net to cover the tree. The netting works well if the fruit tree isn’t too big. You tie it closed on the sides and the bottom. When your fruit is ripened, you open the net, then pick away. The squirrels also like to munch on corn. The best way to protect the corn is to plant more than enough for you and the squirrels. Mice isn’t much of a problem since there are enough of indoor/outdoor cats (they have homes, but go outside to check out the “territory”).

    Airfryer, my sister bought one. I guess it’s working okay for her since she hasn’t tried to peddle it off to me (LOL).

    Liked your kitty at the end of the video.

    Stay well.

    1. I think what you said about our winter is probably spot on. I know it doesn’t get as cold as many other places, but we do get very hot summers, so it is very cold for us. We get lots of summer storms, that is often when we get the heaviest rainfalls and floods. Where I am we got 70mm of rain once in an hour, that is almost 3 inches. Our house didn’t cope well. Yes, we plan on netting, but the mandarin tree is a bit big, but I plan on doing a prune once it finishes fruiting so we can do that. We don’t get squirrels in Australia, but the rats and possums are enough. We haven’t seen any mice around here, but have seen the odd rat.

      haha, yeah I’m still on the fence about the air fryer though it does good nachos. Thanks David, I try to get Susie into the videos. you stay well too.

  2. Leanne, thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m glad to see you are still on WordPress. I subscribed to your blog too. I hope it warms up for you, we have plenty of heat in Las Vegas, a week of 111F is underway! Be well. 😎🇦🇺

    1. I’ve been hearing about your heat John, it has been sounding bad all over the country. I just hope we don’t end up with the same summer as you. You’re welcome, it was nice to touch base again, I tried to subscribe to yours, but couldn’t find a way to do that.

    2. You can’t subscribe to my blog? The heatwave has gone for the moment, temperatures for the next several days will be in the normal range for summer here in the low 100s. Once your acclimated to the heat, you’ll find 103 degrees comfortable!

    3. That’s a shame, I will have to try to remember to look. What are your winters like? It can get really hot here in the summer, so 103 is 39C here, which we get, not a lot, but we get lots between 30 and 35, then usually a few days over 40. In winter it gets down to 0 overnight. That’s 32F

    4. That’s a big range of temps, similar to here. We just came out of a heatwave where it reached 115F for a few days, now the temps are back to normal summer weather in the low 100s.

      I did have thin ice on a rental home pool once though, so it can get cold and supper hot here in the High Desert. My home is about 2,850 feet above sea level.

      Are you able to subscribe to my blog yet? Your the only person who has trouble.

  3. nice garden, love the macro shots. I like and appreciate noting details in your work, I am so much an amateur and all I can say is my camera is smarter than I am, and just sort of functions on its own.

    1. Thank you Pat, the garden is getting there. We all started as amateurs, haha, I get what you mean about the camera, I find the same somethings.

    2. I love taking photos of the little creatures and widgits that are invisible to a casual eye. Shots of spider webs are my favorite, very difficult for me, but I’ve gotten a few good ones.

    3. I agree with all those, love doing them. Apparently spray spider webs with water can be really good and help to take photos of them.

    4. I have some photos to put up of a multi-level web that exists in a shrub outside my deck. I got a good shot of the spider, too, she does a good job of damage-control. I need to look at the site to see what the deluge of rain we had last week did to it.

    5. A couple of years ago when I first got excited about photographing spider webs there was a huge web in our front shrubs, and it was an on-going project for that particular spider. I tried to get some good shots…never did get anything to brag about. The best web shot for me was one on my back deck, the light was just write, and the thing was framed by a big umbrella. Most people who know me think I am quite mad.. LOL

    6. They are hard to get, I struggle with them as well. Being mad is not always a bad thing lol. I like people who are mad in a good way.

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